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Dr. Chamain Moss-Torres

Chief Operating Officer


Ext. 3800

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Chamain Moss-Torres, Ph.D. is a Chief Operating Officer at the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, Inc.(CDC of Tampa). She has over 15 years working in the nonprofit space helping organizations effectively serve children, families and communities. Dr. Moss-Torres specializes in developing and managing service systems, programs and organizations and utilizes her experience to build the capacity necessary to operate effectively in order to meet the agency mission and positively impact children, families and communities.

Throughout her career, Dr. Moss-Torres has contributed to the nonprofit community as 1) a researcher at The University of South Florida working with Theory of Change/Theory Based Frameworks; 2) a funder with Children’s Board of Hillsborough County where she consulted with agencies and programs, contributed to research activities designed to measure outcomes and program impact and directed infrastructure development that maintained the system of care for children and families in Hillsborough County 3) a  consultant that helps organizations build their capacity to lead, manage and grow and 4) an executive that works within the organization to direct the day to day operations and programming so that both achieve its goals/outcomes so that the agency can achieve its mission.

Dr. Moss-Torres’ educational background also serves as a foundation for her extensive experience in nonprofit management, nonprofit capacity building, program development, grant writing and evaluation. She holds a Certification in Nonprofit Management from the University of Tampa’s John H. Sykes College of Business, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from The College of William and Mary in Virginia, a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from The University of Buffalo and several certifications in her practice.

She currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband, Edwin and son, Trevor. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and golfing.

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