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CDC of Tampa
Commercial Properties

Available to rent


29th Street
Open-Air Pavilion

CDC of Tampa received funding under the State’s Front Porch Initiative to develop an open-air market for vendors. Located directly across the street from the Nehemiah Laundromat, the market opened in 2003 at a cost of $250,000.

While the original intention of the market was to create an active hub for local vendors to sell their goods, produce, merchandise and services under a sheltered environment, the project never fully realized its potential as an open-air market.

The building does, however, continue to serve the needs of local residents as a community Open-Air Pavilion, hosting community health fairs, local church events, and other organized community-building activities.

Contact information for renting:

Adrienne Clark

Executive Assistant

813-231-2362 Ext. 3150

Fast Lane

Fast Lane consists of two buildings - one measuring 10,000 s.f. and the other measuring 3,000 s.f. The smaller building will be partitioned into two units of 1,500 s.f. each, with the goal of accommodating a coffee shop and a restaurant. The larger building has been designated for professional offices, business incubators, and other related uses.

5112 North 22nd Street, Tampa, FL 33610

Contact information for renting:

Chamain Moss-Torres, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

813-231-2362 Ext. 3800

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