A Note from Washington, DC | cdc monthly - February 2018

NeighborWorks America exists today because 40 years ago, a coalition of residents, government officials, bankers and community members decided to experiment with a new way of making communities better places to live.

Instead of housing projects, this coalition--which included the Federal Home Loan Bank, William Whiteside of the Coro Foundation, resident leader Dorothy Mae Richardson and many others--envisioned better, more affordable homes in the places that people needed them most.

Since its Congressional chartering in 1978, NeighborWorks has grown from a network of 50 organizations to nearly 250 nationwide. Yet, it has retained what made it unique when it was founded: a grassroots approach that allows every organization the flexibility to focus on the needs of its particular community.

Over the past 40 years, NeighborWorks and its network have assisted more than 8 million people through affordable housing and counseling. We also have expanded our programming to include more elements required for strong, thriving communities: financial coaching, job readiness and placement, healthy housing and access to educational opportunities.

Today, NeighborWorks America training programs for community development professionals are the best in the country, and they continue to adapt as we learn more from the network about what is effective on the ground.

Network organizations like CDC of Tampa are what make NeighborWorks America effective, and we look forward to another 40 years of working together to make every community a place of opportunity.



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