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Meet Rico | cdc monthly - June 2018

"For me, volunteering isn't just important; it's a necessity."

Rico Dixson is a man of service.

After seven years serving our country in the U.S. Navy, Rico embarked on a successful career in Human Resources, working for Fortune 500 companies, and later at his own staffing agency: Expediem Services Group.

"I used my talents to connect people with the companies that best fit them and to find the place where they would thrive in their career."

22 years later, he's still at it--being of service by sharing his time and talents as a volunteer with CDC's Workforce Development Center--helping career seekers build their skills and confidence through mock job interviews as a part of our Employability Skills Training.

Rico responded to CDC of Tampa's call for volunteers to conduct mock interviews via VolunteerMatch in January of this year; he's returned every month since and now, he says, it's become "the highlight" of his month.

"My personal pursuit is to help people prepare a better life for themselves and their families. When I came to volunteer at CDC, and saw firsthand that I could use my experience to help people succeed in interviews and get the job they're after, I wanted to be a part of it!"

In many ways, volunteering with CDC is a natural extension of the work Dixson does through his company everyday. "I chose to name my firm "Expediem" because it is a portmanteau combined from the words 'experience' and 'day.' By building relationships, bridging the gap between need and solutions, and connecting with community and resources, we want our clients to fully experience each day, knowing we're helping it to go right for them."

David Jones, Director of CDC's Workforce Development Center, has seen Rico's words in action. "He's been great with all of our job seekers. When he's here, he's always completely focused on preparing our students: helping them identify their goals, what they're doing well as an interviewee, and the areas where they can improve."

Dixson says this all stems from personal experiences he's had in his own life and career.

"I started my own business after the large company I was working for suddenly closed its doors in October 2008. And after experiencing the sudden loss of a loved one in 2017, I was inspired to change my own career path. I now help my clients with final affairs planning. I want to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to help others be better-prepared in advance."

Serving as a CDC volunteer is no exception.

"For me, volunteering isn't just important, it's a necessity. We've all have had experiences where people have reached out with a kind word or a helping hand--and those small gestures helped change the trajectory of our lives for the better. If I can offer something like that to someone, I do it."

Rico: CDC of Tampa is honored that you've chosen to volunteer with our organization. Through your time and expertise, you have already helped so many succeed in better understanding the nuances of a job interview, and preparing in advance to succeed.

You inspire everyone you meet through your words of wisdom and through the eloquence of your example. Thank you for being a part of CDC!



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