In the spring of 1992, Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, Inc. (CDC of Tampa)

was founded by civic and community leaders--led by Ms. Chloe Coney--to alleviate poverty

and physical deterioration within a 'community of neighborhoods' four miles northeast of

downtown Tampa, Florida known as East Tampa.  

Home to more than 16,000 people, East Tampa has a proud tradition of homeownership and resilience in the face of long-standing racial disparities in housing, employment, education, health care, criminal justice and private investment.


In the 28 years since, CDC of Tampa has built  a proven track record of deploying strategies that reduce these disparities in the lives of East Tampa residents, as well as residents throughout the Tampa, Hillsborough County and beyond. CDC of Tampa is experienced in delivering programming in the areas of youth success, workforce development, housing counseling and financial capability, as well as residential and commercial real estate development.  

Since 1992, CDC of Tampa has:

  +  Built more than 100 single family homes, 380 rental units and 141,598 square feet of commercial space.

  +  Assisted over 3,560 families with housing counseling services--creating 1,042 new homeowners.

  +   Helped more than  12,000 youth and adults acquire employability skills and vocational training.

CDC of Tampa is supported by local, regional and national funders, including NeighborWorks America--an organization deeply committed to driving and sustaining positive change in communities across our state and

around the country. 

In the last five years, CDC of Tampa has developed expertise through its participation in an array of national and statewide initiatives, including:  Wells Fargo's Neighborhood LIFT, the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) program, Florida's Hardest Hit Fund and NeighborWorks America's Catalytic Grant Program.  


CDC of Tampa also serves as the 'backbone support organization' for two collective impact initiatives which are tackling two of the region's most complex social challenges: financial stability and violence prevention.   

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Over the next 25 years, we'll continue to work toward realizing our vision of a thriving Tampa Bay region in which every community is equitable, diverse and engaged.   


To learn more about our work and our impact, please join us for a CDC I.M.P.A.C.T Tour through East Tampa:   

Our History & Impact